Caring By Nature

Our Commitment to the Environment

Signature Accord is committed to environmental responsibility, not because it’s a trend, but because we know is the right thing to do. In fact, it is so essential to our mission that we like to say it’s embedded in our company DNA.

Inspired by other socially responsible companies, we are dedicated to creating products and processes that are more and more environmentally responsible. We actively seek to develop partnerships and programs that give back tangible benefits to the

environment, such as our P2 Program, and our use of recycled plastic bottles from Yellowstone National Park, which won Signature Accord an award for Excellence in New Uses from the United Soybean Board in 2012.

As we’ve been motivated by the actions and generosity of other responsible companies, we hope we can provide similar inspiration through our products, services, and programs. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and look forward to working together to make a difference.


Our Environmentally Responsible Backing System

All Signature Accord products are made with BioCel backings, created using polymers produced from domestically grown natural plant oils—renewable resources that replace a portion of the petroleum-based polymers used in the manufacturing process. BioCel backings also contain Celceram™, a highly refined mineral compound recycled from electrical utility power plants. Celceram’s unique chemical properties strengthen and stabilize polyurethane backings, improving their performance and stability.

In addition to the natural oils and Celceram, BioCel backings contain recycled PET plastic, incorporated into the non-woven secondary of the backing systems. PET plastic is a resin recycled from soft drink, water and juice bottles, including those we reclaim from Yellowstone National Park.

Signature Accord carpets with BioCel backings may help contribute up to 18 points toward LEED® certification in commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Our Environmental Management Statement (EMS)

The management of Signature Hospitality Carpets dba Signature Accord is totally dedicated to operating practices which uphold the highest standard of environmental stewardship while promoting the health, safety and well being of our employees. These practices are observed from our top management team through every level of responsibility. To maintain this commitment we plan to:

Observe or exceed all federal, state, local and company environmental, safety and health standards.

Closely monitor our procedures and surroundings to prevent pollution or harm to our environment.

Strive to always influence our customers, business associates and the general public to join us in our commitment of protecting our environment for the health and safety of present and future generations.

Maintain equipment and provide a clean and hazard free workplace for the health and safety of our employees.

Promote recycling in our facility and also to our customer base to reduce the impact on our landfills and provide valuable resources to this and other industries.

Always strive to improve our efforts through implement of our EMS, improved technology, production changes and careful planning.