Senior Care

Signature Accord is well known as a “senior-centric” manufacturer of quality carpets for senior care communities. We have a dedicated design staff working on solutions for senior environments that take into consideration the diverse needs of the residents and of their caregivers.

For the senior market, these product features aren’t just optional, they are essential. For instance, certain patterns can confuse and disorient some seniors. Pile heights need to be the same to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. We need to consider aging eyes when selecting color values and flooring patterns. Signature Accord’s excellent stain and moisture resistance also provide important benefits for caregivers in this market.


During the past few years, the U.S. government has issued directives to increase the purchase and use of bio-based products wherever possible, making Signature Accord flooring the ideal solution for this important market.

All Signature Accord products include BioCel™ Laminate, the industry’s only bio-based backing system. BioCel meets the requirements for purchasing carpet with bio-based content under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program, the sustainable product acquisition requirements under Executive Order 13514, “Federal Leadership in Environmental Energy and Economic Performance” from the USDA.

Signature Accord Vice President of Sales & Marketing, John McIntosh, testifies at a Senate hearing on environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Higher Education

Higher education is one of the fastest growing markets for green building and LEED certification. By producing carpeting with attractive design and high performance as well as high marks in environmental responsibility, Signature Accord more than makes the grade.

All Signature Accord products include BioCel™, the industry’s only high performance bio-based backing system, which uses American-grown soybean oils to displace foreign petrochemicals in the manufacturing process. Higher Education facilities also can choose carpet from Signature Accord’s Yellowstone Collection, which leads the industry with 80% recycled content, which at 80% green by weight, is the highest in our industry.

Corporate & Retail

As large companies are becoming increasingly aware of green building benefits, they’re seeking out companies who make high performance products that are also environmentally responsible.

Because Signature Accord leads the industry in the percentage of recycled and bio-based content in our products, and is committed to ongoing research and development of environmentally responsible products as part of our charter, our award-winning Signature Accord lines make smart and sensible choices for discriminating corporate and retail customers.